Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The final hunt

I'm not usually one to give these death announcements/memorializing speeches, but today I felt compelled to write about the passing of Steve Irwin, aka, the crocodile hunter. I wasn't a big fan of his shows, though I did watch them ever so often. Also, I don't like to mourn celebrities more then any of the countless unknowns that die everyday that I have never heard of, but I just had to.

I guess I am wondering if it was all worth it for him. All of those years playing with fire, putting himself into dangerous scrapes. Was something like this bound to happen? I heard on CNN that this is only the second Stingray related death on record in Australia and that the Stingray doesn't even make the top ten most dangerous creature list there. It just seems so pointless.

I wonder if a guy like that would have had it any other way. I'm sure that he would have loved to have seen his kids grow up and to grow old himself, but I wonder if he had an idea that this could happen. I don't think in any way he got what he deserved or anything like that that I have been reading today on various sites. Is he the Bruce Lee or Jim Morrison of his genre?


"Doc" Bender said...

Actually, his death kind of reminded me of Harry Houdini, who also died as a result of a freak accident that occurred while he was performing a stunt related to (but also peripheral to) his main area of expertise. I didn't watch it a lot, but his show was interesting and he was obviously clever enough to turn it into something of a sensation.

Anonymous said...

All I know is this guys was a man's man! I hear people talk about how over the top he was, but if you wrestle crocs you better be. I think the guy lived life with a real passion and that is worth admiring no matter what you do.